God has created Everyone unique and Everyone has their own strengths. This is God's Divinely Design.

God has created Everyone unique and Everyone has their own strengths. This is God's DIVINELY DESIGN. We should appreciate and accept the strengths of the individuals and work on their strengths.


Hi-Tech Vertical Farming Technology

Year : 2022 | Country : India | Category : Environment

Dr. Prashant Zade from Maharashtra has been achieved for “Hi-Tech Vertical Farming Technology”.He has developed one specific arrangement for plantation wherein he takes yield of 50-70 acres land in only one acre of land. He has developed one unique vertical structure under polyhouse, in that structure He has established an arrangement of 6-12 layers of tray which is filled with soil.

This is provided by specific water treatment in controlled environment which results more production. He is planting 308000 seeds of Turmeric Varieties in specific design vertical farming only in One Acre, which gives the average production of 1.5kg to 2 kg yields from each plant. Hence the total production goes to 462000 to 616000 kg/acre.In conventional farming people can only Plant 1000 seeds/acre with natural climatic condition and gets only 0.8kg to 1.5kg yield per plant. Hence their total production goes to only 8000 to 10000 kg per acre.His novel Innovative Farming Techniques gives 50 to 60 times more yields in comparison to Conventional farming. Further, many varieties of crops are under research. This research on turmeric has been happening in mass production and the cultivated crops has been utilized by farmers.

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